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Business Air Conditioning Installation Solutions

Installing Air Conditioning Has Become Ever More Popular

Business air conditioning installation solutions:  A consistent ambient temperature ensures staff and visitors feel comfortable and can prevent the negative effects of overheating and humidity. Although the great British weather is unpredictable, it is rarely extreme. Whilst the average UK temperatures may range from only 9-18 degrees Celsius (48–64 degrees Fahrenheit), there are occasions during the summer months where it becomes unbearably hot. Take last year 2018.

Productivity within the workplace during these warmer periods, has been proven to decrease, so by maintaining an ambient temperature throughout the building, and installing a suitable air conditioning system, your business will combat lethargy and increase staff morale. Improved air quality will also help those who suffer from hay fever, asthma or other similar respiratory conditions.

As an employer you will have an HSE obligation to provide a comfortable working environment for all your employees. So by installing air conditioning into your building with filters, that both clean the air (removing dust & odours) and reduce airborne fungus & mites, you’ll be providing a safe working environment for everyone that comes to visit your premises. Shops, Airports and Hotels alike, are all air conditioned these days as people have come to expect comfortable surroundings and as such, will stay longer. So again, by installing air conditioning you stand to retain these important clients/customers for potentially longer.

Many businesses these days would simply not function without air conditioning; take a medical centre, not only do their patients need to remain comfortable, but the main drug storeroom will have temperature conditions to maintain, or Data Centres with their complex servers needing to be kept at a set ambient temperature. But did you know air conditioning can also be used for heating?

Using Air Conditioning for Heating

Many air conditioning systems double up as heating units, enabling you to control the temperature of your workspace all year round with a single system. Here at Spalding Air Conditioning Services Ltd we will go through the various related options regarding your business air conditioning installation solution.

Why fit a heating system?

We have already touched on the importance of your employees and staff working environment, but a consistent temperature is also more efficient.

Modern Climate control systems typically give a 4:1 power return, ie: for every £1 spent on energy you get £4 worth of heat energy in return.  A consistent temperature also aids electrical services and machines, preventing costly breakdowns.

Services can be well maintained in a comfortable environment, ensuring plant and machinery (as well as your workers) in the colder, draft prone areas of your premises, are kept warm in a managed ambient environment.

Staff, visitors, machinery and stock all require you to manage your air flow, temperature and environment.

Air Conditioning System Installation Service

Our climate solutions guarantee a comfortable ambient temperature for any space required. If you would like take advantage of a free site survey and full quotation, do talk to one of our Qualified Engineers at Spalding Air Conditioning Services Ltd today on Spalding 01775 714097